I write because I can’t sleep.

Sometimes I can't get things off my mind and they keep me up at night. Here are some things I've wanted to stop thinking about....

Lawmakers In Georgia Say Casinos Aren’t Casinos

By Ernie Jones

“The whole aim of Newspeak is to narrow the range of thought.” – Syme, in 1984 by George Orwell Right now, the General Assembly in Atlanta is considering legislation (SB 79 and HB158) to allow casinos in the State of Georgia. In case you’ve never heard of a casino, here is the definition by Merriam-Webster: […]

The Restoration Of Common Things

By Ernie Jones

To love an old chair is to love many people, to adore the sweat of their arms and the comfort of their bowed backs.

Mid-March: Late Frost Among The Fruit Trees

By Ernie Jones

A yellow bus rolls the rutted road, slowing down to the opened gate. From its folded door steps a boy with an old Army bag on his shoulder. It is full of books, and his collar hangs askew.

Like It Or Not, You’re Always Living In The Past

By Ernie Jones

What’s happening right now? I mean right this split second. Sorry, but whatever you answered, it’s wrong. How do I know? Because it’s impossible for our conscious minds to know what is happening right now. The reason for this is simple, and irrefutable. And the implications, for most people, are truly shocking.

How To Stop The Hiccups — For Real

By Ernie Jones

I know, I know, you’ve heard them all before. All those home remedies for hiccups. Hold your breath. Drink an entire glass of water. Eat a spoonful of sugar. Breathe into a paper bag. Get someone to scare you. None of that really works. Well, maybe once in a while, but not consistently. There is […]

Learning to Dream

By Ernie Jones

I was sitting at a table in my elementary school library when a friend said, “This is just a dream.” He was right. I woke up to a dark and quiet house, and a new power — it was possible to recognize dreams from the inside. Every morning, I searched my memory for clues. It […]

The Solo Venture: An Introvert’s View of Monomesaphobia

By Ernie Jones

There’s this scene — you might know it — from Steve Martin’s The Lonely Guy, when Larry Hubbard requests a table for one and receives a spotlit escort to his one-top. It’s a funny gag, but of course it works because it tweaks folks’ paranoia about public solitude. Just search “eating alone,” you’ll find a […]

The Day I Buried the Horse Tooth

By Ernie Jones

I can’t remember now where I got the horse tooth. But where does a boy get any of the junk he collects? I remember I had a winter coat, the kind I called a caterpillar coat. Had a red bike reflector in the pocket for quite a while. A couple of little stones that struck […]

If He Hadn’t Died I Wouldn’t Have Cared

By Ernie Jones

I was driving to a poker game with a friend who’d come in from Colorado, and we were just outside of the town we both grew up in. It’s Georgia piedmont, good for deer hunting, in fact I used to have a barber down in Florida who went up there every season, just coincidentally. The […]

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