Q: So who’s the dog?

A: That’s one of Mike Birch’s dogs. I took some shots of them one morning on Andros while they were wrangling crabs on the beach, back in 2011.


Q: What dog?

A: If you’re on a mobile device, the dog is off screen to your right in the header photo.


Q: How do I get in touch with you?

A: You don’t, at least not for a little bit. I’m getting set up on Smedian but right now my basket is full so I’m not taking any incoming for a while. Maybe this spring or summer.


Q: Where can I get samples of your ghostwriting?

All my ghostwriting is done without attribution, so I can’t post samples on the web.


Q: Are you still with E. Jones Media?

Yes, and in fact the EJM site is in the process of merging with this one, so expect some changes over the next few months.


Q: Can I get emails when there are new articles on the site that I might want to read?

That’s in process. I’m also working on a couple of publications on Medium. This is all in the early stages as of the start of 2021, probably won’t roll out until much later in the year. Once it does, then a Medium subscription will be the best way to find all my writing plus other writers’ articles contributed to the zines and have them sent to your inbox if you like, plus get full access to all the other Medium publications.